Monday, January 14, 2013

The Fellowship of the Beer

This Christmas my husband and I put our creative minds together and printed nine custom Lord of the Rings beer labels, one for each of the nine members of the Fellowship. It started off being a fun gift for my sister and her husband, but developed into a much bigger project as he altered quotes from the books for beer selling purposes and I came up with the visual concepts. I loved the finished products: a line of beers to rule them all and in the drinking bind them!

I have posted pictures of each label below.  If you're a real Tolkien fan who wants to live in the Shire like us, you can dig into the details of all the altered text after the jump.  

Sam's Shire Tavern Ale: 
A beer meant to endure
Spiced with fresh Shire grass, strawberries with cream, and Mallorn blooms
Best served with anything that grows in the ground

Aragorn's Age-of-Man Ale: 
Comes in Narsil & Anduril editions!
By my life or death I will protect you.  You have my beer.

Boromir's Bitter Betrayal IPA:
Fill up a horn of Gondor

Frodo's Ring Bearer Relief Ale:
Get it in a Grey Havens growler (if you want it, come and claim it.)
It's as precious as The Precious

Gandalf the White Ale:
It is not how much beer we are given, but what we do with the beer we have.
Look to my coming on the fifth day of the week.  At five o'clock, look to the East.

Gimli's Toss Me Stout:
Don't tell the Elf
Speak friend and drink.

Legolas's Longbow Lager:
Warning: May make your fingers tingle.  

Merry's Entwater Stout:
Best served with Pipe Weed
Drink responsibly.  Don't be too hasty.

Pippin's Second Breakfast* Ale:
*Or elevensies or luncheon or dinner or supper
They come in pints!? Yes, Prancing Pony size pints.

1 comment:

  1. These are fantastic!
    How creative, love it!
    I'll have a pint of the longbow lager please.


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