Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Heart and Soul: My Painted Piano

This past spring I painted a piano. A whole piano. However I wanted. It was an awesome experience.

I was one of 8 artists chosen to participate in a public art project called Heart and Soul: the University City Public Piano Project. I knew I wanted my piano to be brightly colored, fun, and inviting. I started with a basic sketch of flowers and leaves. Six cans of green spray paint and various buckets of acrylic colors later, I transformed my piano into a magical garden, complete with a hobbit door and hanging lanterns. For nearly three weeks in June, these eight unique, elegant, colorful, and wacky pianos were scattered throughout West Philadelphia for outdoor, public enjoyment. My piano was in Clark Park—a great location considering the green, growing motif of my illustration. I loved seeing so many people playing my creation. It held up surprisingly well thanks to the acrylic paint and clear coats of varnish. The best part? Now this beauty's in my living room. Check out the video from the opening reception below. At the 1:14 mark, you'll see George playing his heart out!

Finished piano. Photo by Ryan Collerd. 
Before (left), First step (right)
8 finished pianos. Photos by Ryan Collerd.
My piano being played in Clark Park. Photo by Ryan Collerd.

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