Monday, July 25, 2011

Rustic Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Design © Kate Holeman
Friends of mine recently commissioned me to create their rehearsal dinner invitations. Because these have not been mailed yet, I am just going to show a couple detailed cropped images. The couple knew they wanted white ink on brown paper as well as an organic, artistic vibe. I loosely drew a knife and fork for the top of the card and a matching decorative line for the middle of the card. I used Business Penmanship for the display font and Univers for matching body text. The card stock is 100lb Recycled Speckletone Kraft from French Paper Co. The cards were printed using a silkscreen process and plastisol inks. One of my initial challenges was finding an opaque white ink that would "pop" on the brown paper. I tried offset printing but the white was too translucent. Silkscreen with plastisol (a thick, heat-set ink) ended up being the solution. I also like the textured look of the silkscreen printing method. Bon Appétit!
Design © Kate Holeman

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