Monday, June 13, 2011

New website project:

This year I took the next step in my business plan by hiring an outside web developer to build a website for me. It was a huge relief to hand over Photoshop files for someone else to put online! The scariest part of doing something for the first time is the "unknown." I needed to find a trust-worthy web developer who was willing to work with my client's budget. Through my connections with Handmade Philly, I found and hired the talented James Martin of Helikopter Design. James is an easy-going web developer who can do just about anything. A perfect combination! All of my annoying emails were met with "Sure, no problem!" and the changes were done very quickly. In just about 6 weeks, my site was finished and my client was very happy with the results. These are just a few screen captures - you can view the complete site at

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