Thursday, May 19, 2011

Anne Boleyn inspired greeting cards

On this anniversary of Anne Boleyn's death, it is with respectful pleasure that I share my latest project: Anne Boleyn inspired greeting cards. A few months ago, the lovely Natalie from On the Tudor Trail came to me with her idea for an exclusive greeting card line in her shop. I immediately jumped on board with this opportunity to combine my passions for illustration, stationery, and Tudor England. I created each illustration using watercolor and ink on paper. Starting at the top left, the subject matter of each card is as follows: Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn's initials intertwined in a wood relief sculpture, the view from Anne's bedroom window at Hever Castle, Anne's Falcon Crest, Anne's "B" necklace and flowers from her Book of Hours, floral pattern inspired by Anne's Book of Hours. These cards will be available for sale soon. Pre-order information can also be found at
Anne Boleyn Collection at On the Tudor Trail

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