Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Custom Calligraphy Stamp from Paper Finger

I have some pretty big freelance jobs in the works at the moment, two of which are wedding invitation suites. I am so excited to share more details once they are done. For now, this is a sneak peak at the special treatment of the outer envelopes for one of the wedding projects. I'm working with the lovely Bryn Chernoff from Paper Finger in Brooklyn, NY for the address calligraphy. As a cost-saving option, Bryn also sells custom stamps for the return addresses. She uses the same style chosen for the actual mailing addresses. Here are some photos of my progress with 150 stamped envelope flaps. For optimal stamp performance, I used a magazine as a cushion underneath the envelopes as I applied the stamp. I also made sure to press the stamp firmly into the inkpad a couple times before applying to the envelope.


  1. oh my gosh, amazing! i love it so much, what a great source. i bought a stamp recently and am going to use your magazine-underneath tip, thanks :-)

  2. Thank you, Jen! Bryn is really nice and great to work with. It took about 10 envelopes for me to realize I needed some cushioning below. Once I did that, they came out perfectly! I also have a tendency to be light on the ink. With these stamps, or any stamps with thinner lines, definitely go heavier on the ink.

  3. kristen3/25/2011

    SO SO SO SO SO Gorgeous! LOVE!


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