Friday, January 28, 2011

Crafts for your weekend: Valentine ornaments made with yarn and wire

While out shopping in Manayunk recently, I saw a lovely window display of yarn and wire hearts in the window of Green Street Consignment Shop. I thought those hearts would look pretty in my windows too so I set out to make my own. With yarn from Hardy Supply Co, pipe cleaners, and a wire clothing hanger, I did just that. Directions and photographs are below.

colorful yarn

masking tape


wire clothing hanger (big heart)

pipe cleaner (small heart)

needle nose pliers (or something to maneuver the rigid wire hanger)

1. Start by prying apart the wire hanger. Do not use your bare hands as you will probably cut yourself. Use needle nose pliers for a good grip as well as some gloves to protect your skin.

2. Once the wire hanger is no longer connected, bend it into the shape of a heart. Use your pliers again to twist the ends of the hanger together at the bottom of the heart. For an extra seal, wrap a strip of masking tape around the bonded ends of the hanger.

3. Tie the yarn to the top dent of the heart. Use another strip of masking tape to keep the knot in place.

4. Start wrapping the yarn tightly around the wire. When you get to the taped areas, simply wrap the yarn right over them and keep going. Tie another knot where you finish wrapping.

5. Once you have finished wrapping the  yarn around the wire, start to wind the yarn around the sides of the heart for a colorful webbed look (image 1). At each anchor point on the web (image 2), wrap the yarn twice around (image 3). Use different colors of yarn for this part. Once you are done with a color, tie a knot around the wire (image 4) and trim the loose end with your scissors.

6. The below photos show the first step for shaping pipe cleaners into small hearts and a finished small heart. You don't need pliers or gloves for the small hearts.


  1. awww it's so cute! thanks so much for the tutorial, i want to try this! i've never ordered yarn online, but looks like a great source and good prices too :-)

  2. Thanks, Jen! I hadn't ordered yarn online before either but lately I have really gotten into getting my craft supplies from Etsy vendors. Maggie from Hardy Supply Co was super nice and responsive. Great prices, you're right!


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