Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My go-to art tools

The other day I took a look at the art tools that I use the most. I'm not talking about the 20 ink pads, zillions of pencils, or piles of paper scraps that fill my desk drawers. I am referring to the basic tools that I use to make my art. I came up with 7 supplies that I simply cannot craft without. It was easy to pick - most of them are stored in a separate box so I always know where they are (I learned this organizational lesson after many frantic scrambles through the clutter in my studio). These supplies are very much in line with my interest in paper crafting and drawing.

1. Self-healing cutting mat (This is a MUST when working with a hobby knife)
2. Pencil sharpener
3. Craft scissors (very sharp and thin—perfect for detail paper work and cutting ribbons)
4. Straight edge
5. Hobby knife
6. Kneaded rubber eraser (The ugly gray thing. I like that it picks up a lot of graphite yet doesn't leave as much residue as other erasers. Bonus: when it gets covered with graphite, just knead it and it cleans itself! Downside: if I leave it lying around, my cat Luna finds it and hides it. There are more than a few of these somewhere my house)
7. Glue tape (I discovered this recently while layering paper for a wedding invitation job. This is the absolute best way to permanently stick paper together while avoiding bad fumes, long drying times and ugly glue bumps)

What art tools do you use the most? Share a comment below.

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