Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Snowflakes and Daisies - Katy and Kevin's wedding invitations

My friends, Katy and Kevin, are getting married in December and I had the honor of designing their invitations. Katy wanted to see daisies and a bit of sunshine so we brainstormed ideas about "summer in winter." I took on the fun challenge of creating an elegant but simple daisy-snowflake pattern. One of their main wedding colors is royal blue so I used white and yellow as accent colors. To add to the light feel of the design, I used Caslon, a simple and classic serif font. I also designed and printed custom maps of the Baltimore area to help guests navigate to and from the wedding and reception location. More photos are below!


  1. I love how the snowflakes continue on the back of the invitation! What a clever attention to detail!

  2. MaryBryan - thank you so much! I like the back too - it's like a pleasant little surprise when you flip the card over.


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