Friday, November 5, 2010

My bulletin board

Every  now and then I like to update my bulletin board. It's next to my desk so I use it to provide design inspiration as well has house ideas that I want to try before I forget. In the above photo, you are looking at:

1. The original stencil for my "El Toro" watercolor painting. I still use this when I create original watercolor versions to sell on Etsy.
2. Typography poster that I got for free at a workshop at Moore College of Art
3. My linoleum block print of bright pink hearts.
4. A cool music postcard.
5. A clipping from our local newspaper when I submitted our photo from South Africa.
6. A fun little thank you tag that came with my purchase from ArtE {Handmade}.
7. Interesting beer label designs (I am working on a new one for my brother-in-law)
8. A very pretty origami card that I wrote about here.
9. A nicely designed postcard for a Brooklyn craft fair.
10. A mini calendar of Tuscany from the Hotel Casci.
11. Place card from a recent wedding.
12. A print of the famous "Join or Die" campaign from Ben Franklin's printing office.
13. A notecard with a photo of an old fashioned typewriter.
14. Ideas for bookplate designs
15. My family cat, Charlie.

1 comment:

  1. oh, I see my little cute that you kept it :)


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