Friday, November 12, 2010

Global blogging

My blog is just a little over a year old and it's been an exciting adventure with some successful moments along the way. The greatest surprise is how many readers I have reached globally. I never thought I would make so many international connections. Some recent countries include Russia, China, Argentina, Portugal, Australia, Spain, and Italy. It's certainly an inspiring experience!
A design blog from Russia (with love)

Las Manualidades is a DIY blog based out of Uruguay


  1. Oh Wow! My family is from Uruguay! You're doing a fantastic job Kate and that's clearly shown in all the readers you have. Well done! Natalie

  2. Thank you so much Natalie! I didn't realize you were from Uruguay - very cool! Do you ever go back there? Thank you again for your kind words!

  3. Chuck Findley11/14/2010

    Your blog is more well traveled than my good buddy, Michael. Impressive stuff.


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