Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thermographic printing: Julia and Jesse's note cards

Elegance on a budget is possible with a printing process called thermography. In the wedding world, thermographic printing is a popular, cost-saving alternative to letterpress printing. The process is similar to laser printing but with an added step in which the printed paper is run through a thermography machine. Thermography machines automatically apply an embossing powder to the printed paper, remove excess powder from non-inked areas, and heat the powder so that it becomes raised and glossy. The one limitation is that only 1-2 colors can be used. Here is a pretty note card that I designed for Julia and her fiancé, Jesse. They wanted a versatile card that could be used for thank you notes as well as other messages. They chose sage to match their wedding colors. You can really see the embossed look in the close-up photo.

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