Friday, August 13, 2010

Metalsmith Artwork: Spotlight on Jay Holeman

Today I am showcasing the fabulous metalsmith artwork of Ran's Uncle Jay. We're so lucky to have such a talented (and generous!) craftsman in the family. He's really spoiled us with wonderful gifts over the years.

Now that we have our new fence, we will finally be able to put up the large sun and moon wheel as well as the individual sun and moon pieces. The sconces are above our fireplace, the clock is in our dining room and the mirror is in our upstairs living room. Thanks, Uncle Jay! Oh and when he's not creating beautiful art, he's doing this:
(working on the chassis for Richard Childress Racing!)


  1. Go Jay! He is very talented

  2. I love me some Uncle Jay and Aunt Lisa!!! I have lots of their pieces in my house too!!! It always so exciting to see what they are going to make next!!! Thanks for sharing his stuff with everyone!!

  3. Must of been some nice artistry on Kevin Harvick's chassis over in Michigan yesterday.


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