Monday, August 23, 2010

"The Elysian" Wedding Invitations

I recently created these pretty "pocket-style" wedding invitations for Leslie and Max from Chicago. I call these "The Elysian" invitations because I designed them to match the colors and elegant style of the hotel in which the wedding will take place. I painted a simple chrysanthemum illustration that I used as a design motif on the inside invitation and on the outer seal of the enclosure. This invitation includes a main invitation card, which is adhered to the top inside flap of the invitation, and 3 separate cards with a tiered trim size to fit nicely in the front pocket. To compliment the charcoal coloring of the pocket enclosure I chose light gray outer and reply envelopes. I completed these with a matching pink "blossom" satin ribbon wrapped all the way around the outside of the enclosure.


  1. Chuck Findley8/23/2010

    These look great!

  2. Hello
    is this design available for future orders?
    My best friend is getting married next year so Im keeping an eye out for her

  3. Yes, definitely. I am on maternity leave at the moment but will be back working on projects again in late September. Please feel free to reach out again around then. Thanks!


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