Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Green Forks Chicks notecards

The Green Forks Chicks, otherwise known as my mother and her college girlfriends, just got back from their annual summer trip to the Hamptons. The name, they say, was coined on their first Hamptons reunion when they discovered that the patina on the silver-plated utensils had acquired a green color due to some wet-weather conditions. The name stuck and every year these wonderful Ohio Wesleyan "chicks" gather in the name of the "green forks." This year my mom commissioned me to create notecards as a gift for her friends. I had so much fun drawing the chicks on what I would imagine a vacation in the Hamptons would look like between chicks and green forks. I think my favorites are the one with the wine bottle in the upper left corner and the one about to eat lobster in the lower right corner. I relate very well to those vacation activities!


  1. Thanks, Natasha!

  2. so cute and nice idea...


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