Friday, July 23, 2010

Crafts for your weekend: Make Your Own Paper

This is really happening. I haven't made paper since my high school days as a camp councelor at the Holcomb Farm Summer Arts Camp in Granby, CT. I remember some of the steps and have supplemented my learning with a few online sources. I like the simple instructions I found here and of course here on Etsy.

My shopping list includes:
  • 2 small, flat wooden frames
  • small wire screen to staple onto one of the frames
  • veggie peelings (for color) and bleach (to whiten the newsprint)
From my home I will need:
  • newspaper and other scrap papers
  • staple gun
  • blender
  • dish tub
  • a few clean, dry cloths

I don't have a clothes line so I am going to make due with the drying process by taking advantage of the hot hot sun that this weekend is supposed to bring. Wish me luck! On Monday I will post my results as well as photos from my paper-making adventure.

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