Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Antique wood type for the "BEST" cards

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know it is already Tuesday but yesterday I was catching up on work after a fun weekend visiting friends in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I loved walking around the neighborhood and wandering into vintage clothing stores, card shops, and antique vendors. One of my favorites was Bob & Judi's Collectibles where I found mason jars, a metal "cold drinks" sign for Ran, and antique wood type. The selection for wood type didn't include all of the letters that I needed for my name or a longer phrase so I picked 4 letters - BEST. Playing with this idea, I made my "BEST" cards that are pretty much perfect for any occasion.

Materials used: wood type, poster or block printing paint, paint brush, paper, water and paper towel to clean the brushes in between colors.

1. Using the brush, liberally (but not messily) apply the paint to one letter at a time.
2. Gently place the letter on the paper. I found that pressing too hard forced the paint to stick and not stick in funny spots. You might want to practice a little first (I didn't photograph my mess-ups!).
3. Let the paint dry over night.

I filled one in already. Can you imagine the possibilities for the number of notecards you can make with the word "best?" Last minute mother's day card for the "best" mom perhaps? You can do this with rubber stamp letters and a regular stamp pad too.

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