Friday, March 5, 2010

Pretty Puerto Vallarta

Now that it is starting to get light out a little longer, my winter blues are fading away. Until the temperature gets above 60 though, I still like to daydream about tropical places. Today's post brings me back to the warm beaches of Puerto Vallarta. I'll use my talented husband's description of the scene since he (always) describes it best. He also took these beautiful photographs. This is an excerpt from his travel article on
The statues spaced evenly along the promenade were a revelation: gods and goddesses swirling in a maelstrom towards the palms, twisting in the midst of physical transformation, looking down upon their thrones, and ordering their monks to build them a ladder to the heavens. The synthesis of these sights and sounds created the atmosphere you crave when traveling southward. If you want history and refinement, if you want the waltz, go to Europe. But if you want creativity and vitality, the samba, the salsa, or the tango, go to a place like Puerto Vallarta.

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  1. I like the way you laid out the pictures!


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