Friday, March 19, 2010

New cards in my shop - lots of 'em!

I've had a very productive week in my studio and have 3 new cards to sell in my shop. The first is a print of my butterfly woodcut design, carved and stamped by me. I love the hand-crafted look and feel (literally, the ink is raised) of this card.

The second is a new "fill-in-the-blank" thank you card. It's called "Fairytale Thank You Card" because of my little fairy drawings that light up the scene.

The third is my absolute favorite. I came up with this image last week during the long stretch of rainy days. What started off as a rough pencil sketch became an adorable painting (if I do say so myself) of a little girl and her umbrella. Ran actually came up with the line "missing you." I love this illustration but it makes me feel a little sad. I think it's the perfect note to send to a distant friend or loved one.

Thanks to Fireball Printing, I was able to design these on Sunday and have them in my shop by Thursday. Click here to go to my etsy shop. Happy shopping!

1 comment:

  1. These cards so adorable it's almost frightening.


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