Thursday, February 18, 2010

Favorite Book Cover of the Week - Byron's Poems

We're stepping back in time with my favorite book cover of the week—a beautiful hard cover edition of Byron's Poems. The intricate Italianate pattern was a trendy design treatment during the Victorian era. Because this artwork is no longer under copyright law, I'm thinking I might use it in one of my card designs.

We acquired this book when our good family friends, the Crossans, gave us a wonderful collection of old books that they no longer had room for. I think the books look very nice on on our shelves and highlight the historic feel of our home. Another thing I love about old books is the occasional personalized inscription. How romantic that this was a gift to a spouse on Christmas Day, 1881.


  1. In 1881 giving Byron poems was probably the equivalent of giving lingerie.

  2. Ohh! I didn't realize that - even more romantic :)


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