Monday, February 1, 2010

A cold but productive weekend

In addition to us being sans car for a couple weeks, the temperature decided to drop to a brisk 15 degrees this weekend. It was so hard to get out from under the covers but I made a compromise to work while staying in my pajamas for most of the days. Ran and I caught up on some episodes of Fawlty Towers, and I finished printing "save the date" cards for Ran's cousin, Anna. I had already created the illustration for the cards (a line drawing of the church) so this weekend I put everything together in InDesign. I used Feel Script for the display font and Mrs Eaves for the smaller text. I printed the design on vellum paper (Soli loved playing with the paper scraps!). I will layer the vellum print on top of a metallic "quartz" paper and use a sheer white ribbon to tie the two pieces together. All of the parts are ready for assembly and now I just need to recruit Ran for some ribbon tying. I'll wait for Anna sends these out before I post the finished pictures.

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