Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our wedding invitations

I can't believe it has been a little over a year since our wedding. I loved all the personal touches that we added to the day and I really enjoyed creating the invitations, favors, and thank you cards. I have included a few images of each piece below.


My inspiration for our invitations was the classic 1985 Merchant-Ivory movie version of E.M. Forster's A Room with a View. The display font, Delphin, and water-colored floral frame are based on the lavishly painted scene introductions in the movie.  We created a logo for our initials and used it for our wax seal and postage stamps. The gate-fold invitation also held a matching sage reply card and wine-colored reply envelope.

The theme of our reception was literature - the centerpiece on each table included a vintage hard cover book and a mounted print of a love quote from the book. My husband expertly chose the titles and painstakingly searched through each for the best quotes. Each guest took away a letterpress bookmark as a favor. The bookmark featured a Walt Whitman quote, the last four lines of "Song of Myself" (this quote was also the benediction at our marriage ceremony), and a silhouette of the William Penn statue on top of City Hall in Philadelphia. The bookmarks were printed by a letterpress company in Ohio called Cranky Pressman. He wasn't cranky at all!

Our thank you cards were printed on a letterpress, using our wine-colored wedding color on a soft white Crane paper. I drew the little palm trees for the design because we both love the beach and our honeymoon was planned for Zihuatanejo, MX.

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